Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Up Close and Personal


Before lipstick
1. Upclose and Personal was our theme. How did you develop your ideas for this project and why did you choose your subject?
I choose this subject, because it is zoomed in to get the 'upclose' part, and I chose the lips, because it is personal in the sense that people express themselves through words, and show affection, which is personal.I also put my own kisses on it to show a more of the personal part.

2. How did you demonstrate Emphasis in your work?
I made the lips the center of the picture and added my own kisses on them.This was basically lips on lips.

3. What medium did you decide to use and why did you choose this medium over the others? Discuss how it enhances your piece. 
I used color pencil and red lipstick. The lipstick helped to show emphasis, because it is a different texture than the color pencil.

We encourage risk taking in art. Risk taking can be as simple as trying a new technique or learning about a new medium to as complex as trying something totally new.
4.. Did you take any risks with this project? Explain.
I did, because I would never have thought that I could use another material or medium such as the lipstick.

5. Of the 5 characteristics of great art (technique, concept, emotion, new, medium) which did you include in your art?

I included a new unique medium, (the lipstick).

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