Art 3 Final Portfolio

1. Success: Which project was your most successful. Use 2 of the artistic behavior to explain your answer. Include photo.

I was in the acrylic comfort zone, where I never took risks or explored other options in painting other than acrylic. One day, just completely random I saw Hannah using watercolor. I chose to give it a shot not expecting anything to come of it. But I actually learned a new technique and explored something new! It turned out great for my first time using watercolor. I loved this painting and I will come back to it and redue it on a large scale. Now, I like using watercolor more than acrylic. It does not take as long, and the colors are more vibrant and abstract. I loved it! I have to say thank you to Hannah for teaching me how.

2. Do over: If given the opportunity, which project would you do over? Describe why and how you would redo this project. Reasons might include choosing a different theme, using a different medium or creating a different idea completely. Include photo.

I would do over my pair of pears, because I was not focused on the highlights, and did not plan out as much as I should have. I focused too much on the colors and forgot about placing proper highlights, texture, and background design. If I had another chance my second attempt would have a realistic highlight and an actual background such as a table, basket, or grass; always something with a natural background. 
Overall, I thought the Pair of Pears idea was great, and punny, but I did not execute it the way I imagined in my mind. 

3. Medium: Which medium did you most enjoy working with and why? Which medium did you not use but wish you had explored? Include photo.

Fire!! Thats all I really have to say. It was the most risky medium I have worked with. My portfolio is basically, acrylic, pencil, acrylic, acrylic, FIRE! I really did not think my plan would work, which it did fail the first attempt but second time was exactly how I imagined it would look- actually better. It was great for lighting and gaining the audience's attention. It gave a great feel to my piece, just how I people feel excited during a circus performance. 

During the D.C trip in the gift shop of the contemporary art museum, there was a book called Food Art. I just flipped through the pages thinking- How did I not think of that?! Food Art is brilliant, and the possibilities are infinite. There was just bananas suspended in the air and a light above them so on the floor was a shadow of a monkey (haha I am the banana girl). Absolutely genius!

4. Sketchbook: Pick any warm-up from your sketchbook that you found beneficial, interesting or simply felt you handled well. Describe the activity and reason for selecting it above the others. Include photo.

All the warm-ups really helped me reconnect with composition, mediums, and the basics of art. My favorite lesson was where we had to draw sharks just randomly, but at the end I learned not to point them facing out of the frame, because it is not appealing. During this is technically pointing the audience to look away. When the sharks are drawn circling around a point, it captures the audience's attention. By drawing this with a circle shape (not directly, but as if you were to find a shape within the piece), actually does justice to your idea. I am still learning to work this concept into my compositions. My next favorite was drawing the eggs. Mr.Sands suggested to draw in pen. It had been a long time, over a semester long, where I had not worked with pens. While I am still learning the other strategies as I finished explaining  previously; this lesson I finally was able to get at my first shot. I forget to draw highlights, which is a basic factor of art. Although, I was not used to drawing with pen, I focused when drawing which is what made my drawing look semi-realistic. Mainly, it reflected how I have grown.

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