Thursday, May 15, 2014

Perspective: art 3


For this project my group and I collaborated on making a perspective mural. We thought about placing words that would attract attention, such as words in different languages. We even thought about strange phrase like 'the whole enchilada' to 'no dating in highschool'. We wanted it to be a word that could only be read at one angle. This was inspired by the Incredibles (yes the litte-kid disney movie), in the scene were the main character (the dad) is in an underwater cave and sees a word on the walls revealing a hidden message.

For materials we first thoughts about using chalk, but faced some challenges with the janitors. It all worked out, because we thought of duct-tape. It was a great medium and very simple. Since the farther wall is smaller than the one closer to us we needed to place more tape to make the lines thicker, in order to be the same size as the letters closer to us. To have this word projected and know where exactly to place the tape, someone would stand behind a card-board poster that had the word PRIDE cut out. We would then use the bricks as measurements. This was the hardest part about this project, since we are all different heights we will see the projection differently. This caused a lot of confusion and mis-communication. After realizing this we then tried a lazer-pointer, but it was so hard to see. Then we just resorted to imaging where the lines would be and then go from there (yes, basically winging it). 

I really liked how it came out. We bought over 10 rolls of duct-tape. We wanted to fill it in with white, but that would cost more money. I would definitely try this same concept again in the future. To finish off the project we then taped down cougar (school mascot) paw prints on the floor to show where to stand to see the word.
*The first 3 pictures is the in progress phrase, but the video is the final outcome.


  1. You are still moving toward GREATNESS

    1. Thank you! It was kinda slanted, but I would definitely try doing it again, now that I know what errors to look out for. My next post will be coming soon! I have been working on 2 projects: one video, and a really big canvas for donation to UNICEF.