Saturday, May 3, 2014

Art 3: News Reports

Years ago I heard about a mother who drowned her young children in the bathtub. This story has always made me so upset so channeling it into an art project would be perfect. I want to branch out and really capture this murder through video. My idea is to have a clean/empty bathroom and have the camera slowly come to the bathtub, but as it comes closer video clips from old videos of mothers with their children inspired by Flowers in the Attic. 3 rubber ducks {representing the children who died} are floating, but someone will be laying at the bottom and will grab them squeezing the air out. I want to background music to be the first 60 secs of "Carmen" by Lana del Rey [], which the lyrics representing the mother's point of view.
My video will be less than 1 min, and my purpose is to express the sadness and grief of the unstable household and mental problems.

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