Friday, March 14, 2014

art 3: Time

using the projector to get a bigger picture-->

Practice test -->

young, old, and the mix-->
layered on top. warm=baby cool=older-->

I tried something that I wasn't sure was going to work. At first I wanted to make the faces next to each other, but when Mr.Sands got an idea that maybe I could put them on top of one another, I tried it out and it worked. It didn't occur to me that I could use transparencies. I have been used to always going to a medium of paper, but never plastic! This project helped me take a risk and branch away from using paper. I learned that acrylics do adhere to transparencies, and that when using contrast colors (warm v. cool) to show several images in one it can give great shading effects.

I did use a source but then made it my own. Printed pics from online of a baby and an old man to really get different variety within the ages. Then using the paints, transparencies, and the projector I was able to change the pictures and give it a new meaning that represents time. I only traced the outlines of the online pics, but when in and did my own shading to bring the two paintings together.

I will come back to this project and make an actual mix of both, because after doing further evaluation I think I can actually make a middle aged person by mixing the very old and young features together, so on a 3rd transparency I will paint a mix of all the areas with color, leaving me with a face with an in-between age. I would like to try this out using pictures of myself and seeing the physical change between younger and present time me.

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