Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Art 3: Sketch idea 1

For this idea of incorporating text into art, my group and I thought of many ideas. We thought of painting a person spray-painting a brick wall, but having the colors from the spray can come out as colorful words like "art", "inspire", "express", "color", "orange". There was also the idea of training dolphins to jump at certain curves and positions so that when they would all jump a word would appear. Then there was the idea of using shoelaces to spell out a word on converses, which lead to the idea of the sketch above. The idea of using string or laces to wrap around objects. So an example of doing this was sketched out. The way this would work is to have the supporting strings the same color as the object to let them camouflage, but having a bright color standout but only have this color on the lines and curves that would spell the words.

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